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Enrique Selman


My name is Enrique, single father of two awesome kids. I have been in Nashville most of my life. I love my city and this is where I call home. I was born in Panama city , Panama, and moved to the states when I was 2. I was in a military family in my early child hood so I moved a lot and lived in 4 different states by the time I was 9. I have worked in sales all of my adult life, but I realized that I never was really a great employee, It wasnt' that I didn't work hard, I just felt like I could never find the right fit, this is because I know I am an entrepreneur and heart. I met with my mentor and buddy Sean and decided that I would join his team and start my career in real estate. I am very glad I was able to find real estate to assist others in achieving their goals for buying and selling real estate. I'm looking forward to the journey and all that is yet to come.