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Nathan Richter

Hello! My name is Nathan Richter, Realtor at SimpliHOM. I live in Nashville, TN, and I absolutely love it! I love it so much that I feel truly honored every time I get to be apart of a Real Estate transaction in this beautiful state with my clients. Whether it is new buyers who are looking to buy a home, or sellers who are looking for the next suburb to move to, I love when I get to help my clients at whatever season of life they are in. The most important thing to me is the relationship aspect of Real Estate. I truly want to be more than just an "Agent" that helps you and nothing more. This is more than a business for me, I love what I do and I love getting to serve my clients. Now, a little about me... I am very blessed to be married to a beautiful woman, and we also have a husky named River who we love to take hiking! We also love traveling together and visiting different National Parks around the US. We are very involved in our local church and we love the idea that Real Estate gets to be a way to love our neighbor and invest in our community. Last but not least, I am a son of a Navy pilot which I am extremely proud of. If you have served in our armed forces I want to express my gratitude and appreciation for your service. We love our military men and women!